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Official App Extensions

Below is a list of official app-extensions created by members of the Quasar team.


@quasar/testingIncludes pre-configured sub-extensions for all of your testing needs
@quasar/typescriptTransform your project into typescript awesomeness
@quasar/wizardSearch and find all known App Extensions, Install Collections, keep everything up to date

Project Rigging

@quasar/obyteWork with the Obyte Blockchain


@quasar/qmediaplayerHTML5 video and audio player
@quasar/qflashcardShow some information and reveal more with CSS Transition Mashups
@quasar/qoverlayOverlays simplified. Add any component on top of the overlay
@quasar/qactivityCreate activity timelines
@quasar/qmarkdownMarkdown for your pages
@quasar/qpdfviewerView PDF documents in your Quasar app
@quasar/qcalendarCalendar for Quasar
@quasar/qscrollerMany scrolling components, including QScroller, QTimeScroller, QDateScroller, QDateTimeScroller and scrolling time ranges
@quasar/qwindowFloating, movable, resizable interactive windows for Quasar
@quasar/qplaceholderDisplay a placeholder before your data arrives
@quasar/qiconpickerIcon Picker for your Quasar apps
@quasar/qribbonQRibbon UI component for your Quasar apps
@quasar/qzoomZoom any content (image, video, text, components, …)