Active Project, Goals and Maintainers

List of Projects with Active Maintainer

ProjectResponsibilityMaintainerRepo, Links
Core UI, CLI, IconGenieUltimate responsibility of the Quasar, Quasar CoreRazvanMain repo
MediaQuasar is well known in JavaScript / Vue.js / backend / mobile and desktop dev communityScottFacebook, Medium, Twitter
BEXBrowser Extension CLI modeAllan#76
UI App ExtCreate and maintain UI extensionsJeff
FirebaseKnowledge base articles - : “To the Stars with Quasar & Firebase”Adam
Quasar ESLint pluginPlugin for ESLint with Quasar upgrade support warningsJeffrepo
Typescript supportFull Typescript support for QuasarPaolo, Kerryrepo
Quasar Testing AEMaintenance and enhancementsPaolorepo

List of Projects Where New Maintainer is Needed

These projects are an inevitable part of the Quasar framework, but to keep on our promise “to raise the bar for web development as a whole” we are looking for an active maintainer.

If you are interested, read The Role of the Project Maintainer and let Razvan know via Discord chat.

We can promise you that your Javascript and Vue.js skills will reach the stars!

ProjectRequired SkillsLinks
Cordova modeApache Cordovarepo
Capacitor modeCapacitorrepo
Electron modeMaintenance and enhancementsrepo