SEO with Quasar

The term SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. And Quasar covers this aspect too through the Quasar Meta Plugin.

Quasar Meta Plugin

The Quasar Meta Plugin can dynamically change page title, manage <meta> tags, manage <html> and <body> DOM element attributes, add/remove/change <style> and <script> tags in the head of your document (useful for CDN stylesheets or for json-ld markup, for example), or manage <noscript> tags.

Take full advantage of this feature by using it with Quasar CLI, especially for the SSR (Server-Side Rendering) builds. It doesn’t quite make sense to use it for SPA (Single Page Applications) since the meta information in this case will be added at run-time and not supplied directly by the webserver (as on SSR builds).


This Quasar plugin has the most tight integration with Quasar and so it has the best performance against any other similar solution.