Getting Started - Pick a Quasar Flavour

There are four ways of using Quasar. Pick the one that suits you best:


FeatureQuasar UMDQuasar CLI (with Vite or Webpack)Quasar Vite PluginVue CLI Plugin
Ability to embed into an existing projectYes-Yes, if it is Vite appYes, if it is Vue CLI app
Progressive integration of QuasarYes---
Include Quasar from public CDNYes---
Build SPA, PWAYesYesYesYes
Build SSR (+ optional PWA client takeover)-Yes-Yes(*)
Build Mobile Apps via Cordova or CapacitorYesYesYes(*)Yes(*)
Develop Mobile Apps with HMR directly on your phone.-YesYes(*)Yes(*)
Build Desktop Apps via Electron-YesYes(*)Yes(*)
Build Browser Extensions-YesYes(*)Yes(*)
Quasar App Extensions-Yes--
Easy management of App icons & splash screens via Icon Genie CLI-Yes--
Dynamic RTL support for Quasar componentsYesYes-Yes
Generating your own website/app RTL equivalent CSS rules automatically by Quasar-Yes-Yes
Ensure everything “simply works” out of the box, using latest and greatest Quasar specs.-Yes--
Tight integration between build modes, taking full advantage of all Quasar’s capabilities.-Yes--
One codebase to create SPA, PWA, SSR, Mobile Apps, Electron Apps and Browser Extensions-Yes--
Tree Shaking-YesYesYes
SFC (Single File Component - for Vue) support-YesYesYes
Advanced configuration through dynamic quasar.config.js-Yes--
Unit & end to end testing support-YesYesYes
TypeScript support-YesYesYes
Best and Most Popular Choice!YES!
Quasar UMDQuasar CLI (with Vite or Webpack)Quasar Vite PluginVue CLI Plugin


Although you may get a similar multi-platform support via Vite (directly) or the Vue CLI and some Vue community built plugins, these 3rd party supported build paths aren’t tightly integrated with Quasar’s components. Thus, as you run into problems with these 3rd party plugins, you will have to depend on the support of each individual plugin developer. With Quasar, you have a one-stop-shop should anything go wrong. Also, the Quasar CLI ensures applications are built to the best possible standards in both performance, project size and best practices. You will find no such guarantees anywhere else!


Let’s get you going with Quasar’s CLI! You’ll be up and running with a new project in no time.

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